Free WiFi at Starbucks in Zurich Oerlikon

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Having brought my daughter to chinese school as usual on Saturday mornings, I had the good surprise to find out that you can now surf wirelessly for free at the Starbucks in Zurich Oerlikon (opposite the train station). That’s a great move, Starbucks. Switzerland is very much advanced for the number of Internet connection per inhabitant, and very behind for the number of free hotspots. You can surf wirelessly in most train stations and many other public places, but the costs are still very high and prohibitive. Being able to surf for free will really bring me to Starbucks more often! I am not sure if this is a time-unlimited action, and also if other Starbucks in Switzerland do the same, but I sure hope so!!

So now enjoying my tall mocha, no whip, on the terrace, with a cool breeze, a great time!!

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