WPF: Workshop in Tacoma, WA, with IdentityMine

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I am thrilled to be here in Tacoma again, second time this year (and overall) after we were given a WPF training by IdentityMine very innovative and specialized firm. These few days with them are going to be devoted to reviewing some of our design choices, discussing ways to make our designers’ work easier (making the application “blendable”), etc…

So, now it’s 3AM and though I went to bed at 9PM last night (flying in from Zurich through London), I can’t sleep, so I am taking a short break from bed :)

Side note: This is the first time I enter USA in Seattle (last time I flew in through Chicago and did immigration there). No offense to the Chicago people, but yesterday’s experience was better by far. Much less waiting, and more smiling. The officer actually took time to chit chat (for, like, 10 seconds :) I guess people around here are just more relaxed. I ike this place (and not just because of the immigration officers :)

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