Toyota Prius, someone?

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Since my wife stopped work, we’ve been thinking of selling both our cars (we have a Toyota Previa and a Toyota Yaris (big Toyota fans)) and getting a new one. The Yaris is too small for me and the Previa is too big for my wife, so we’re looking for something in the middle.

So we’re considering a Toyota Prius. It’s a hybrid, with both a conventional engine and an electric one. Apparently it’s quite popular amongst celebrities in the US, but that’s not why we are thinking about it. I quite like the hybrid concept. Apparently it really good in Switzerland, where a lot of driving is done on relatively short distances. Of course the mileage is better than anything I’ve seen.

So anyway… does anyone of you guys have experience with a Prius? I’d love to hear about it.

For the records, our other possible choice is a Toyota Corolla Verso.

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