Porting to VS2008 / New WPF book / Pictures of Sicily

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Porting to VS2008

I am working on a few ASP.NET projects I do privately, and had a small issue, which I couldn’t debug in VS2005. I decided it was time to give a serious try to VS2008, so I converted most of my private ASP.NET projects to VS2008, and everything wen smoothly. I didn’t take any risk, and I chose to continue using .NET 2.0 for these projects, so that only the IDE changes, but not the framework. After a very fast and painless conversion, finding the error was a breeze (I was having problems adding a tagprefix to an ASPX page, because somehow the referenced DLL was not recognized by VS2005. In VS2008 however, not only the[ DLL loaded without any problems, but I even got Intellisense in the ASPX for free! So far, it’s been a real pleasure using VS2008, and I can only recommend it to everyone.

Chris Anderson’s WPF book

I was in the office for the first time after my vacation (I worked home on Monday, went to Milaqno for a workshop on Tuesday, and Wednesday was Switzerland’s National Day!). I found an Amazon.com package waiting for me, and here it was, Chris Anderson’s ‘Essential WPF’ which I ordered before the holidays.

First thing that struck me after I opened it was… Hey, it’s in black and white :) OK, don’t want to start a polemic again. I honestly cannot comment on the book’s content yet, and it has been warmly recommended to me by Scott Guthrie himself, so it must be a great reference. But I got to say, it’s amazing what a little code-coloring and colored illustrations can do for the reader.

Anyway. After that first moment passed :) I started checking the forewords, and if the book is as good as they promise, it should be a great book. I’ll say more about it when I start reading it.

Pictures of Sicily (part two)

I just posted the part two of our July’s Sicily trip. I hope you’ll have fun reading the blog entry and looking at pictures of Marsala and Segesta. More coming soon.

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