Designer-Developer week / Talking with Microsoft’s Simon Guest

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Designer-Developer week

I was pretty busy this week, spending most of it in Milano, where we have one of our development teams. We met some of our designers to work on and refine the designer-developer workflow that we will use during our WPF UI development. It was a very interesting week, because we had to learn to speak the same language (we already know each other, so the learning curve was not too big, but still). I called that the designer-ish / developer-ish translation. It’s very interesting to see how two people with a very different background describe processes and ideas with different words. So the very first step to do is to define what’s what.

We came with what I think is a great development workflow. I had written the basis for it before I went to India, but this week we refined this and I think we have a really good workflow now.

Note that we’re not just talking, and some of our teams are already developing in WPF. What I saw so far looks great. It also involved changing the look & feel of some of our components radically, because the specification was not completed when we started writing them. It was a relatively painful job (because the developers had to do a designer’s job, and because it all happened while I was in holidays), they managed to do it in a relatively short time. Now that we have a better workflow, and that the designers can (and will) take over this kind of changes, skinning the application should be even easier and faster.

Talk with Microsoft’s Simon Guest

I attended a Siemens-internal teleconference yesterday, presented by Microsoft’s Simon Guest (additionally to his own website, he also runs the Architecture Journal on MSDN). It was a nice talk (though somehow the phone connection between Switzerland and Redmond was not that good, so the audio was a bit broken), and very much in line with my momentary main (professional) interest: Designer-Developer interaction. Make sure to check the websites linked above, and to follow Simon’s work!

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