Back from Seattle

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I was in Seattle (actually in Tacoma) for one week workshop with a firm specialized in WPF, IdentityMine. I spent three days with Jonathan Russ, who is without any doubt one of the most talented developer I ever met, and at the same time a very good man, always ready to take time to discuss ideas or to explain concepts.

It was a great week, and my only regret was I couldn’t meet Nathan Dunlap and Robby Ingebretsen because they were both out of house. That said, I met other members of the team.

After 3 days of intensive work, I took one day on my own to go and visit the city of Seattle. It was a wonderful day, very sunny (against Seattle’s reputation) and the people were really nice. More information about that trip can be found on my private blog, and the pictures are as usual available on my PhotoAlbum. Enjoy!


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