WPF training (Swiss edition) completed

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Life is pretty good in the moment. I just finished giving the WPF fundamentals training to my Swiss colleagues. We also had the pleasure to host two US colleagues from Chicago who came specially for the training. I hope it was worth it, but I can safely say that everyone had fun and learned a lot in 3 days. That’s a very short time to getting to know WPF, and noone became a WPF expert between Monday morning and Wednesday evening, but everyone improved their knowledge and, most importantly, I put a lot of emphasis on where to find resources on the web or in MSDN, how to educate oneself by reading blogs, websites and books. (BTW, I heard that Chris Anderson’s book is very good too (I got this from ScottGu himself, so that must be true), and I just ordered 2 copies for my office.)

I put together a list of WPF resources online that I use regularly. It’s not exhaustive, and it’s but a snapshot in time (more interesting resources appear every day), but still, it provides good pointers.

The last part of the training, on Wednesday afternoon, was especially fun, because we took some time to look at all these resources, and then we talked about Silverlight. I demoed how to create a small Silverlight application and run it in Firefox, and then how to use Expression Media Encoder to encode and prepare a video for the web, including using Blend to modify the player’s look&feel. It’s so nice when you do this the first time, and you notice that the player is pure XAML, and then you suddenly feel yourself confident that what you learn in WPF can totally be reused in Silverlight. The learning curve to WPF is quite big, but the learning curve from WPF to Silverlight is almost null.

Talking about fun stuff, did you check the Perceptive Pixel video? I am not sure if the UI is WPF (if anyone knows, I’d be happy to read your comments), but it sure looks like it. Anyway, WPF or not, this is (one of) the UI of the future (together with Microsoft Surface). I cannot wait to see this kind of screens in a building automation control room, for example, or even at home :)


Tomorrow I fly to Mumbai first, and then on Sunday someone will drive me to Pune, where I will give the Indian edition of the WPF training. I am very much looking forward to that experience and I will definitely post pictures of the trip on my PhotoAlbum.

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