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I just finished the first half of the “Creating WPF buttons with Expression Blend and Expression Design” hands-on laboratory created by Karsten Januszewski. It’s a really cool lab, especially for a WPF integrator with a developer education. I was always interested in design, but I am really not a designer, so it’s quite nice to learn a few tricks and techniques.

The lab introduces a technique consisting of using a picture on a layer, and then redrawing the object on a layer on top of that, using Paths. It’s really a nice exercise. The result can be seen below (left the original picture, right my reproduction). It’s far from perfect, there are a few things I dislike, but I got the gist of it. When you’re done sketching and setting the backgrounds, you got a nice XAML icon, full vector, so easy to resize or integrate in an application.

The second part of the lab, which I will continue later, integrates the icons created in Expression Design in XAML controls, using Expression Blend. As far as I can judge without having done the lab yet, it’s a good way to learn both programs.

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