ReMix 07 in Zurich with Scott Guthrie

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Today, the ReMix 07 event is taking place in the World Trade Center in Zurich, Switzerland. Lots of great speaker, including Scott Guthrie, Wayne Smith, Beau Ambur and more.

Wayne Smith just showed his video encoding and XAML editing demo, pretty much the same demo as in Vegas, but very well received here anyway! You got to love his accent :) but more important, the content is great.
One new thing presented today compared to the Las Vegas edition is a new plug-in for LiveWriter which allows embedding Silverlight streaming video into a blog entry. This LiveWriter is really beginning to appeal to me more and more for blogging, just have to find a way to integrate the output with my RealSimpleBlog control running on my webpage… I have started experimenting with Sliverlight videos, including adapting the XAML player overlays to my desires, and I should be able to show something soon on my PhotoAlbum.

Silverlight videos uploaded to the Live Silverlight account are cached worldwide and distributed by global point-of-presence, which should enable a very smooth experience.

Scott is now making a demo of how to create a Silverlight application. This is again very much like the Vegas demo he did, so that’s a good moment to post this :) I will post more about this event later.

Oh, just before I hit the send button, Scott just showed the remote debugging of a Sliverlight application running on a Macintosh, and again it just blows me away how easy that is! Great work, really.

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