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WPF book: Windows Presentation Foundation unleashed

This book has been praised a lot by WPF experts I talked to, so I decided to purchase it, and I just got my copy. So far I had been working mostly with the well known WPF book by Charles Petzold, and thought it would be good to have another reference.
The first impression is excellent. The book is very colourful and seems quite easy to read. The approach seems quite different from Mr Petzold’s book. Instead of concentrating on C# code first and then on XAML, Mr Nathan’s book mixes the approaches from the start. All in all, these two books seem very complementary to me, and I am impatient to read it.
Adam Nathan’s WPF unleashed

XBAP error

It’s very puzzled that I post this here. Maybe someone can help, who knows.
At Siemens, we have standard PC environments called CAT. This is a PITA because even developers don’t have full control over their PC. Anyway. The CAT is not compatible with some parts of .NET 3.0. The error which bothers me the most is that we are unable to run some XBAP applications. Not all of them, just some. And guess what: it’s not consistent between the machines. An XBAP which doesn’t run on a PC may very well run on another one.
One typical error we get is that the presentationhost complains about not finding a DLL named “msctf.dll”. Due to that error, some controls cannot be instatianted, and en exception is thrown. We looked for that DLL, and it is actually installed. This error only occurs on CAT PCs. On our private PCs used for comparison, no problem can be detected.
I welcome all your comments and information about this error!

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