MIX07 day 1

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Getting started
Breakfast was had (great buffet like last year, and the dining room is pretty impressive and huge!) Trying to recognize known faces, but no luck yet!
I also registered and got my goodie bag. The notebook looks great, even nicer than last year (I am still using last year’s one, actually, and the pen). Apparently the myspace.com gadget is a CD opener. Man, that’s bad engineering! These CD cellophanes are actually so damn hard to open that someone has to come with a gadget! Wouldn’t it be cleverer to simply make the CDs easier to open?
Nice talk during breakfast with a few guys from Canada and the US, one of them from Ubisoft. Nice to see that the gaming industry is also coming to these events. Probably WPF isn’t fast enough for hardcore gaming applications, but WPF was able to be developerd partly because of the games, and of the accelerations that the graphic cards now allow.
I went to the business center this morning, and while I was there, the receptionist was on the phone and mentioned an email had just arrived for Ray Ozzie ;) That was kind of funny.
Now waiting for the keynote and the general session in about one hour.

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