WPF course with IdentityMine: second day

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OK, I discovered something… *whispering* some of the guys at IdentityMine actually read my blog… so I can’t criticize the training, hope you understand…
No, seriously. I am having a great time here. The training is intensive. The labs help to understand what we learn (or recap), but even then it’s really a lot to assimilate. I am happy to say that so far I understood pretty much everything we learned, but some of my colleagues are struggling a little. I am sure that when they’ll start working on the real project, with real code, it’ll be OK, but it’s a lot to learn. I think that having quite some background in HTML (not even mentioning last year spent prototyping and studying WPF apps) actually helps me a lot. It’s probably more difficult for MFC developers. And from what I heard, my designer colleagues are having a lot on their plate too, learning templates and starting to get into a devigner’s state of mind…
By the way, we also start to do designer work… one of the labs was about styling a window, designing data templates for a listbox, etc… and here’s the result, pretty stylish, huh? ;)
Tomorrow morning is training time again, and then afternoon we have a field trip to Redmond, to visit some of our contacts at Microsoft. In the evening, we have dinner in the Space Needle in Seattle, looking forward to that too, but I don’t think I’ll post anything tomorrow ;)
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