WPF course with IdentityMine: fourth day

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Laeticia turned 3

First of all, yesterday was Laeticia (my younger daughter)’s 3rd birthday. I love you so much Laeticia (you too Alise). I miss you both a lot, can’t wait to be back with you on Sunday.

WPF training, cont.

I cannot believe that today is the last day. This week has been so packed with things to think about, I will need some time to digest all the information received from every side: The training itself, the great people met, the way we can make the best of these new relationships in our work. Most of all, I think that what I will really remember of the most is the huge respect felt on both side of every discussion. All the people (and us) met are really willing to use each other’s experience to build on these new technologies and create new applications. This is a great feeling to be a part of all that, and to feel the vibe. I am really hoping we can find ways to communicate that vibe to the rest of the many teams we have in that project.
Yesterday we worked on a few subjects where I had much less experience than the first days. Lots of new things to assimilate, and I’ll definitely have to re-read the slides and analyze the labs more in detail: Routed Commands, WPF interoperability, Globalization and localization, WPF performance, and WPF threading. We also talked about XBAPs, a subject we explored more in last year’s prototyping phase, but where we still have a few gray areas, especially regarding the permission model, the partial trust issues. I don’t want to talk too much about these subjects, because I’ll need a little time to review the material quietly and to really assimilate it.
By the way, IdentityMine will have at least two sessions at MIX07: “ZAP!, WHAM!, KAPOW!”: WPF and the Next Genertion of Online Comic Book Reading” by Robbie Ingebretsen, and “Lessons Learned: Designer/Developer Productivity in WPF” by Jonathan Russ and Josh Wagoner. Josh is our main instructor during the training, and Jonathan also helped in a few sessions. Both have huge practical experience on the developer side, and this session is a definite must see for me.

Infragistics controls demo

Evenings, we had Andrew Flick from Infragistics come in from Princeton to demonstrate us some of their soon-to-come WPF controls. The discussion with him was very constructive. Keep an eye on these controls, they’re quite impressive.
And to conclude…
Oh, one last thing making that stay memorable: TBS has re-runs of Saved by the bell!! :)
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