Updated PositionedNode (DHTML effect) / Arrived in Tacoma

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End of January, I made an update to my PositionedNode DHTML effect, but too busy with WPF activities, I never managed to publish it. Having just sat 14 hours in a plane, I finally took the time to do it. There are 4 major changes:
  • With V1.2, it’s now possible to use any CSS unit to position the HTML element, for example em, points (pt), pixels (px). This functionality uses the JavaScript class gslb.CssLength.
  • It’s now possible to specify all the style attributes in external CSS files, using either the “class” or the “ID” notation. Of course cascaded classes are supported.
  • When using the method relocate, the new position can now be saved to a cookie. This way, when the page is refreshed, the new location is preserved. Use the options bSaveRelocationInCookie and iCookieExpirationHours to control this feature.
  • The code has been refactored in 2 objects (PositionedNode and PositionedBase) to facilitate future development. The basic class gslb.Object is used for the inheritance.

Tacoma, WA

So I am now in Tacoma (actually, I am still sitting in the plane to Chicago as I write this, but I am anticipating that the rest of the journey will go OK). I took my new Linksys wireless router, because the rooms are having wired internet “only”, curious to see how it’s going to work out (PS: it works great!). I tested on Saturday at home and it worked great with my laptop and my Palm TX. Should make surfing in the room easier! Today we’re starting with the training, I can’t wait (literally… haven’t been so excited by a software training for a loooong time!). I’ll report more in the next few days.
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