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In agreement with the head of our R&D department, I published my firm’s JavaScript Coding Guidelines. I work for Siemens Building Technologies. We developed these guidelines for a web application project in 2004, based on our C# guidelines.
Please note the following:
  • The purpose of publishing this document on the World Wide Web is to promote and encourage consistent practices in the JavaScript programming community.
  • We publish this document as information only. Siemens will not accept any responsibility regarding its content.
  • The guidelines are recommendations based on our experience, and may or may not make sense in the context of a different company, or a different project. Their intent is to be a source of inspiration for other JavaScript developers, and nothing more.
  • The guidelines are dated 20th of April 2004, which is quite some time ago. I think that most of the recommendations are still valid, but of course additions can be made.
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