L'Abbé Pierre is dead

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I was about to write an article about object oriented inheritance in JavaScript yesterday when I heard of the death of the Abbé Pierre. After that, it was kind of hard to talk about prototypes and base classes.
The Abbé Pierre had very strong ties with Switzerland, and indirect ties with another figure I admire a lot and was lucky enough to meet a few times, Dr Jack Preger. In 2004, Dr Preger was invited in Saillon to take care of the symbolic ‘Vigne à Farinet‘, of which the Abbé Pierre was the honorary owner. I am proud of supporting Dr Preger’s action since 1998, and to be member of the board of the Swiss foundation supporting his work.
These two figures (and though the action of Dr Preger is purely and strictly non-religious) have many similarities in my mind, especially an everlasting gift of themselves to serve the cause of people who would die if nothing was done to help them. The fact that Abbé Pierre’s action was rather located in Europe and Dr Preger’s action in Calcutta doesn’t change a thing to this fact. Such great men mark the face of the Earth with their actions and give humanity some hope. I am proud to do what I can, even though it is not much, to help and support Dr Preger’s action. For more information about Dr Preger’s action, you can refer to Calcutta-Espoir‘s website. Any support is appreciated (for online sponsoring, click on “English / Support / Online gift”).
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