To Hungary or not to Hungary...

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I've been considering abandoning Hungarian notation (HN) for some time for my C# development. Until now, I have been very consistent with it, and used it not only for private members, but also for public properties, parameters, etc... However, there is in the moment a strong movement in the .NET community against HN (well, against Systems Hungarian notation at least).
Many people are following Microsoft's conventions and stopped using HN for public members. Many seem to continue to use it for private members, for which Microsoft apparently doesn't give any recommendation. Apparently, many people have a gut reaction against HN, and though I am against all kind of extremism, I would hate people to dismiss my code just because I am consistent in using a notation! As much as I try to be a "rebel" and to avoid following any kind of fashion, I must admit that some of the articles I read about that subject last night and today make sense (use this as a starting point and then just surf away...).
Now, my problem is that I am a maniac regarding my code (and other stuff as well, ask my wife). I want it to be neat, organized, clean, and I want *all of it* to be neat, organized and clean. I can't really consider using HN for private members and not for public members. Another problem is, I try to be consistent and use the same conventions for every language I write in (currently, that's C#, JavaScript and VBA (for macros when they make sense). Previously I also used the same conventions for C, C++ and Java, but I don't really use these languages anymore. So if I abandon HN for C#, I will probably also stop using it for the rest of my programming. And moreover, if I stop using it, knowing myself, I will probably refactor my whole code (well, the active libraries) to remove HN (well, the unpaid projects at least, where I can actually afford the refactoring ;-).
To test that idea, I will first convert one of my control that I wanted to refactor anyway, my RealSimpleBlog. I am about to release V0.4 of that control (V0.3 was internal only and I never published it on my site), so I'll have a clean slate to start refactoring and see how the non-HN version works. It's sure going to change a few things in my way of working, and it will be interesting to see how that works out.
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