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Here are the remaining pictures from November and December. I spent quite a lot of time making a new version of the PhotoAlbum, now is time to add content. We celebrated Christmas in the family yesterday, so more pictures will be posted soon, but for now let's concentrate on these ones ;-)
Alise's birthday in the Kindergarten
Chi Meei and I spent the morning of the 25th of October in the Kindergarten with Alise, her teacher and all her friends. It was a really nice occasion, where Alise was given a lot of attention and privileges, like choosing games or songs.
Chi Meei had baked a lot of mini-muffins for the kids, and we also did pop-corn (a big hit) and took smarties for everyone. We also had a small present for each of the kids. We all had a lot of fun.
This swiss german tradition occurs every year in November. The schools' kids carve beets and place candles inside them, and then gather up at night for a procession. It was a big first for Chi Meei and I, both of us haven't been raised here. After the procession, everyone gathers (literally hundreds of kids with candles), and sing songs around a big fire.
Trip to Chicago
Beginning of November, I flew to the USA again for a workshop. Our headquarters in the USA are in the suburbs, so I didn't get to spend much time in Chicago, just a few hours the first evening. I'll visit more next time.
Visit to Saint Louis
Since I had to spend the weekend in the US, I took the occasion to go down to Saint Louis for the weekend, and visit this interesting city. By US standards, it's a pretty historic city, the gate to the West, and standing next to the Mississipi in the morning light was quite emotional (couldn't help thinking of Tom Sawyer ;-)
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