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I just published the features description document (first draft) for my RealSimpleBlog control. After having published V0.4, which corrected quite a few bugs and added new functionalities, I needed to take a small break from code, and to take a step back to think of the next version. The result of these thoughts is compiled in the (incomplete) features description, and in the list of bugs and enhancements after V0.4.
The major enhancement in that next version is going to allow me to use the RealSimpleBlog control to refer to older entries, according to their ID, and also to have an archive system. This will allow me to use my main page as my main blog (though I will of course keep the page at GeeksWithBlogs for the great exposure it provides!
Now is time to prepare for the Christmas celebrations these next few days. I take the occasion to wish all geeks, with and without blogs, all WPF addicts and generally all people reading this a Merry Christmas. Though I am not christian, I like this occasion to take a few steps back from the daily routines, and to remember what was good (and less good) in the past year. This should be a time of peace, so let's try :-)
Oh, why not take this occasion to make a donation to the Foundation Calcutta-Espoir? A good gesture for a great project!
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