End of Summer, Beginning of Autumn

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The autumn here is beautiful and melancholic at the same time. Many years ago, in my teenage times, I was thrilled by the coming of winter. Nowadays, it's less thrilling, but I got to say that I am looking forward to skiing again, and especially to go with Alise again. Last year was fun, and she had a blast learning! I hope that this year, we can go on and have fun together!
I am posting many pictures again today. I know I should post less, more regularly, but I have been really busy with a lot of things: learning new programming techniques and developing prototypes, working on the PhotoAlbum's new version, and reading :-)
I hope you'll enjoy the pictures. See below for details!
My mom's birthday
At this occasion, we went to the northern state of Jura, which is very rural and picturesque. The park we went to has many animals to see, in very big enclosures: Buffaloes, wolves, bears, goats, etc... The restaurant serves buffalo meat, which is very tender and tasteful. It was a nice day, despite very cold temperatures.
Alise's first day of Kindergarten
Time flies... 5 years ago, we were in the hospital counting the trains every half an hour and waiting more than 10 hours for Alise to come to this world... and now she goes to Kindergarten! Everything goes fine there, she loves it!
And also, she turned five on the 18th of October!
Arth Goldau's animal park
We went to Arth Goldau again to spend the afternoon, and it was really nice again. The kids love it: You can take a long walk in the nature, with deers and other animals in half liberty, and you can even feed them. Of course it's really exciting. Additionally, there are many places and benches where you can sit and have picnic. A great time spent in a sunny afternoon.
At home
I want to take more pictures of the places I visit often, home, Zurich, etc... Often you overlook the places you see too often, even though they are beautiful.
Wellness in Scuol
With the kids at my parents' during the autumn holidays, we took the occasion to spend a wellness weekend in the small alpine village of Scuol (Schuls), in eastern Switzerland. 2 nights in a quiet hotel, hot baths, sauna, steam baths, massage, and finally roman-irish baths.
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