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A colleague asked me what blogs I read, and I thought it would be interesting to blog about that ;-)
My main activities in programming in the moment are .NET, especially ASP.NET, and WPF. ASP.NET also includes a lot of JavaScript programming, which was always one of my favourite subjects anyway. About JavaScript, I don't read blogs, but I can recommend the newsgroup comp.lang.javascript. I learned most of my JavaScript there over the years, and though the tone is sometimes passionate over what may seem very small details, the people posting there include some of the best experts on the subject.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of the blogs I like in the moment. Most of the authors were at Mix06 and shared their wisdom with us. For those interested, you can also download my OPML file and import it into your favourite news reader (I like Wizz RSS for Firefox on the desktop, and of course QuickNews for PalmOS). The OPML file contains not only technical blogs, but also general news, technical news, etc...
  • ScottGu's Blog: Scott Guthrie is one of my role models as software engineer. Blogs about ATLAS and ASP.NET mainly, but also related topics like IIS, LINQ, Visual Studio, etc...
  • Nikhil Kothari's website. He is always showing neat tricks and great ideas to make the best out of ASP.NET and especially ATLAS.
  • ASP.NET main site: Lots of tips and tricks and downloads. Currently down for maintenance, as it seems.
  • ATLAS main site: Didn't really start working seriously with ATLAS, but it's on my TODO list...
  • Newsgroup: ASP.NET NG: Not a blog, a newsgroup. Excellent, very active and informative. You'll see me post there too.
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF, Avalon)
Other technical blogs
  • GeeksWithBlogs: Mostly .NET related technical blogs, but also daily life of the users.
  • Old new thing: I am not a "classic" Windows programmers, and I have no idea how to make a MFC application, but this blog has lots of interesting technical reads and other hilarious posts. A great read!
That's it for the moment. Of course this doesn't list the many, many webpages I access through Google when I am looking for answers or researching a technical subject.
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