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I just published an important step towards V2 of my PhotoAlbum. Compared to the version I published on the 29th of August, there are no big functionality changes, except that it's now possible to add legends to the rotating headers on top of the main page, and to cycle through them using a "Next header" link. I will pack the code and make a custom control with it, to make it easier to add to a page (not that it's difficult now anyway).
However, I made very big changes to the folder structure in the web application, and cleaned up all the old V1 code which was not used anymore. I also modernized a lot of JavaScript code, which was in use since 2000! The old PhotoAlbum V1 was actually using a Java applet to get all the pictures files in the folder structure, and OO JavaScript code to produce the output. It was a pure client-side application. If run in local mode, it was even able to save static HTML files to the disk. It was quite advanced, and didn't need any server to run. But it was also quite slow, and it took quite a lot of steps to generate the files, to add new pictures to the structure, etc... All these limitations shall be addressed (and for some parts are already addressed) in the new ASP.NET 2 version). The nicest change in the new version is that it allows me to post new pictures, modify the texts, create static HTML files and much more in mobile conditions, from a PDA or a laptop.
About dialog V1.12
About dialog V1.12
The only remaining code from these heroic times is the pop-up used to display the pictures in full size, which eventually will be replaced by a DHTML slideshow control, which I am developing in the moment. I want to post a prototype to this blog soon.
I didn't decide yet when I should change the version from V1 to V2. In the beginning, I was thinking that I would develop the V2 and continue to maintain V1 at the same time, but I eventually decided against it, and I am making gradual changes. Actually, most of the code is already V2-ready. I'll think about it a little more, though it's not that important really. I am now gathering all the TODO's I wrote in the source code while working on V1.12, and saving and prioritizing them, so that I can decide which next steps I will work on in the next days.
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