GalaSoftLb.Web.PhotoAlbum: V1.13 planning

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I published V1.12 of the PhotoAlbum web application last week. Now is time for some planning, and preparing the next version. Since the PhotoAlbum uses other controls and utilities, I will coordinate all the versions and release them together with the PhotoAlbum's next version.
The next PhotoAlbum release will be V1.13. I think that the one after that will be labeled V2, because most of the old code and the old structures will have been replaced by then. However it's not 100% sure yet.
Together with PhotoAlbum V1.13, the following elements will be versioned:
  • GalaSoftLb.Utilities V1.6
    (Set of utility classes and methods)
  • GalaSoftLb.Web.CustomControls.CCustomControl V1.1
    base class for all Custom controls)
  • GalaSoftLb.Web.CustomControls.About V1.1
    (About form for web based components)
  • GalaSoftLb.Web.CustomControls.HeaderInfo V1.1
    (Used to add CSS and JS files in the header of a webpage)
  • GalaSoftLb.Web.CustomControls.Treeview V2.1
    (DHTML Treeview à la Windows Explorer)
  • GalaSoftLb.Web.CustomControls.RealSimpleBlog V0.3
    (Custom control used to display blog entries)
  • GalaSoftLb.Web.CustomControls.Thumbnails V0.4
    (Displays thumbnailed views of pictures in a folder)
The tables here show the bugs and enhancements I want to solve in the next version of the components. Of course there are more things, but I will solve these in further developments. Each issue has a number, a description and a type (E for enhancements, B for bug corrections). So now I am ready to implement more!
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