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I published yesterday a new version of my PhotoAlbum. This is the web application (running on ASP.NET 2,0) in which I experiment technologies which I find interesting in the moment. It's also my journal andmy pictures' gallery.
During the holidays, I used this platform to post pictures and blog entries daily from Malaysia/Singapore, using two custom control I had developed for the occasion: RealSimpleBlog and Thumbnails.
RealSimpleBlog is a control which is able to read XML files in a directory, and display blog entries contained into these files. The reason why I decided to make a control for this is that existing blog environment (Community Server, DotText, WordPress, etc...) are full blown environment, and it's not really possible to integrate them into existing pages. However, I wanted to have one control which I could place in different pages as I like. Currently, I use the control to blog in my technical blog, my private blog, and the PhotoAlbum.
Of course there is still a lot to do, for example add RSS feeds, offer readers the possibility to add comments, etc... In the mean time, I use public blog solutions to do that (GeeksWithBlogs for the technical, and Blogger for the private), but eventually I'd like to add all this to RealSimpleBlog. For comments, I'd like to use AJAX (possibly ATLAS or else my own web service API).
Thumbnails is another control, which reads image files from a folder, creates thumbnails dynamically, and displays the thumbnails in a HTML table. Additionally, XML files are used for information about each picture (date, legend, is the picture new, etc...). It can also use RealSimpleBlog to mix blog entries and picture groups."
Thumbnails custom control
Thumbnails custom control
I added one feature that I find quite nice yesterday: The PhotoAlbum pages now have pictures as headers. Each picture comes from my own collection. They are cut and CSS'ed so that they integrate nicely with the page. Also, I add texts in floating DIVs. A small JavaScript rotates the headers, so that a different one is used every time that the page is reloaded. The color of the text is also adapted so that the text remains readable.
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