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Today is Maria Himmelfahrt, which can be translated by the day where Mary went to heaven. This is a catholic public holiday, and since the state I work in (Zug) is catholic, I had a free day today. However, since Zurich is reformed, it didn't celebrate and Chi Meei had to work. So I decided to just have a day on my own, which I like to do from time to time.
Actually, this happens from time to time, because of the nature of my job (software engineering), which allows me to have very liberal working hours, When busy developing code, it's sometimes difficult to put the computer down, so I often work evenings too, when the kids are in bed, and this overtime can be converted later in free time. Because I don't deal with customers (my customers are internal marketing guys), I don't have to ensure office presence, which also allows me to work from home quite often. Well, it's not all that easy, since our IT department is very eager to cut some of our privileges, for example logging in the VPN with our private PCs, so we do have to fight for these rights, but so far it has worked out rather well for me.
All this to say that I took a slow day today, and even more because we finally had sun again, after many days of bad and cold weather. So I woke up one hour later than usual, and brought the girls to daycare. After that I went back home for tea, and then left with the train to Zurich where I did some shopping. Actually, I bought a very small wireless router, which should allow me to connect from hotel rooms when they only offer wired connection (which is the case in most of the hotels I went to lately). That should make it easier to connect using my PDA, which only has WiFi and bluetooth to connect.
Since the weather is so nice, I decided to go back home by ship, on the lake of Zurich. It takes quite a longer time than the train, but when the weather is that nice, it's really worth every minute. The landscape is beautiful (actually, we're still at the dock now, but we're leaving soon). The good thing with public transportation here is that you can get a general abonment valid for almost all public transportation systems in Switzerland, including boats. Since I have one of these cards, I can travel as I wish, which is just great.
On the technical side, I have been working on my PhotoAlbum lately, adding enhancements and functionalities. It's going slower than before the holidays, partly because of my good resolutions (read more, work less), but also because I want to improve the design. Before the holidays, the goal was clearly to add functionality and be ready for the malaysian trip, but now I am refining all this and should be able to release a much better version soon.
I have been thinking about releasing the software for public download too, but I think it still lacks too many functionalities. I will add these before I provide the controls as open source.
Seems that the boat is leaving Zurich, so let's enjoy the landscape now :)
PS: I really have to take my camera in Zurich one of these days. The place is beautiful, and I should really make more pictures of it.
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