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We're back home... We came back in Switzerland last week, and time flies, I can't believe it's already tuesday... Work should start again tomorrow (today is national day here, thus public holiday), and a lot of challenges are in front of us.
We're studying the possibility to use WPF/E as our platform for the new web application we're starting to work on. Unfortunately, it's impossible to find any preview version of WPF/E, so we're forced to use assumptions and theories.
On the private side, I started working on improvements for the PhotoAlbum described here, and I want to post a cleaned-up version of all the pictures and blogs soon. After that... many projects. I would like to replace the pop-up window displayed when the thumbnails are clicked with a DHTML component which I started developing before.
That said, I will also work a little less than before the holidays, which was a pretty exciting but crazy time. One good resolution taken during the holidays is to take more time for other stuff, like reading.
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