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We left Penang this morning and are now in Singapore. I posted a lot more pictures in my PhotoAlbum, and practice showed a few fields for improvement:
  • The file structure is too complex. I should be able to post all files in one folder, and if needed, the application should dispatch the files in the corresponding folder. When I FTP from my PDA, changing folders takes too long time.
  • I forgot that the PDA uses linefeed only as line break, when the server uses carriage return-line feed (rookie mistake, I know). Using Environment.NewLine to break the entries in paragraphs is not good.
  • Sometimes the XML files produced on the PDA (using a small application called XmlGuru, 10 USD) are invalid. I will try to think of a different, simpler way to post and make sure that the posts are always safe. Alternatively, the application could check and correct the files, for example if a XMLException is caught.
  • The Image tags should be extended with ALT and TITLE attributes.
  • The images files, when opened to create a thumbnail (all thumbnails are created dynamically) are apprently not closed properly. Once a thumbnail has been produced, I cannot delete the files anymore, which explains why one at least of the pictures is rotated 90 degrees too much. I'll correct that when I'll have access to the server.
  • The pictures' legends are entered using a XML file, but I also archive them using a, Excel file (Excel because I can use DocumentsToGo on my PDA). I want to be able to enter data only in the Excel file, and then extract the XML data automatically, for example when I produce the static HTML file.
These are just youth problems, and the application is only V0.1, so really it works rather well, considering I developed the whole thing in a little more than a week.
So now let's enjoy Singapore. We have crab dinner tonight :)
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