All ready to go... RealSimpleBlog control, Integration in PhotoAlbum

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We're flying to Malaysia tomorrow... no wait... today (12.07.2006) after noon. And I managed to reach my goal, which was to integrate the RealSimpleBlog control V0.1 in my PhotoAlbum.
Here are the features:
  • I can edit blog entries (XML files) on my LifeDrive (Palm OS PDA), and then FTP them to my server.
  • The entries are rendered by the control on the PhotoAlbum's main page.
  • I can FTP pictures to a folder on my server.
  • Another control I wrote creates a tabular view of the pictures' thumbnails. Actually, the thumbnails are generated automatically by this control. This allows to save space on the server, and also the thumbnails' size can be changed just by changing a setting in the ASPX file.
  • The tabular view takes additional XML files ("legends") with the pictures information (page title, date, legend, section titles, sort-order, etc...).
  • Additionally, the tabular view can be interpersed with extracts of the blog entry. To do this, I use the same RealSimpleBlog control, working in a different mode. The control renders just the entry, which is referenced in the XML legends file.
So now I am going to put the concept to test... I should be able to find wireless connections in Malaysia, and to post pictures and comments hopefully during the whole trip. More about the whole experience in August, and probably plenty of new ideas for improvements and new features!!
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Responses to “All ready to go... RealSimpleBlog control, Integration in PhotoAlbum”

  1. tlacey Says:

    Malaysia is awesome! I got the chance to go there last August. Where all will you be traveling?

  2. Laurent Says:


    We're visiting the family this year, so we go to Penang first (where I am posting from now), and then down to Singapore, before we spend a few days in KL for shopping and friends :) It's great to be here.


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