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On the 12th of July, we'll be heading East, towards Malaysia. I can't wait to be back there, after an absence of exactly 2 years.
I am a big fan of ToDo lists, and love the feeling of marking an item "Done". So here's is my technology ToDo list before we fly!
Before leaving, I want to
  • Correct an error in my website's menu, which causes a problem when a new item is added under a collapsed node. (Done)
  • Change Internet Service Provider. The current one is cheap, but doesn't allow much control from the users. Besides, the support is not up to my expectations. Plan B: Get a slightly more expensive one, but offering a better support. (Done)
  • Start working on my Real Simple Blog (Version 1) custom control to allow me to post updates to my PhotoAlbum in an easy and convenient way from my LifeDrive. (In work)
  • Check if I can FTP into the new provider's account using the excellent WiFile Pro for Palm. I had issues with it with my current ISP. (Done) (WiFile Pro doesn't work with the new ISP either)
  • If that doesn't work, try with VSFTP. If WiFile doesn't work, and VSFTP works, purchase VSFTP. (Done)
  • Re-write the report about the trip to South France last month, which I lost because of an error I made when backing up my LifeDrive's data (I know, I know...)
  • Buy Quicknews (Done)
OK, that's not that bad, is it?
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