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I spent yesterday's evening working on the other project occupying me in the moment, which will link QuickNews to AvantGo (two Palm OS programs which one can use to read RSS feeds). How to link them? Well, QuickNews is very good because it's fast, efficient and to the point. However, it doesn't render HTML, it cannot follow links, so sometimes it's just too short. AvantGo, on the other hand, is a HTML compliant reader, can follow links, can be used to browser online or offline (you have to synchronize web pages to the Palm's memory first).
So when I find an article in QuickNews that I like, I export it to a memo. The memo generated bears the entry title, the description, and the link to the full article. Using another program called VSFTP, I can export the memos to the SD-Card and save them as files. Using the same program, I can then save all these files to my web server using FTP.
The rest is easy: Create a web application converting these memos to a single webpage, and then synchronize this page to AvantGo, setting the link depth to 1 (in order to reach the original articles) or even to 2 (in order to reach pages referenced from the original article).
The basics work already, so now I still need to add a few functionalities (archiving files after conversion, deleting single files or all files in archive, etc...) and then I'll be able to use it on a daily basis. I'll post a demo when it's ready.
Because I am always eager to learn, I use the Visual Studio 2005 Website approach (as opposed to the Web Application Model) to create that application, and I am not convinced... I didn't precompile the site, because I wanted to try this by myself, so I really upload the C# files to the server... it's not very usual for me *S* Well, it's true that it's fast and flexible, but a few things bug me... OK more about that another time. Now it's late ;-)
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