Silverlight 2 Unleashed

About the book

Silverlight 2 Unleashed

by Laurent Bugnion

Printed entirely in color, with helpful figures and syntax coloring to make code samples appear as they do in Visual Studio and Expression Blend!

Silverlight is Microsoft’s new web-based User Interface (UI) technology, based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), which is introducing many revolutionary concepts in the world of UI development. Silverlight uses XAML, with tools like Expression Design and Expression Blend, to create astonishing UI effects (such as gradients, compositions, and animations.) In addition to the richness of the UI elements, Silverlight 2 allows the use of C# or VB in addition to JavaScript to automate web pages. With Silverlight, you have the power of .NET on multiple platforms (IE and Firefox on Windows, Firefox and Safari on Macintosh, and Firefox on Linux). The author brings you up to speed very quickly with numerous hands-on examples.

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Laurent Bugnion has been a software engineer since 1996. He has worked with many programming languages and environments, including C, C++, Java, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and, since 2002, the Microsoft .NET platform. He has been honored twice as a Microsoft MVP: first for ASP.NET and now for Client Application Development. He blogs about Silverlight and related technologies at

Category: Microsoft Programming/Web Programming
Covers: Microsoft® Silverlight 2
User Level: Beginning—Intermediate
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We do our best to provide a great book as soon as possible after Silverlight 2 is released. In this effort, we work very closely with Microsoft to ensure that all the information we print is correct.

There were a few very last minute changes to the Silverlight 2 framework, after the book made it to the press already. This page lists the errata.

Download the source code

The whole source code for Silverlight 2 Unleashed is available. All samples are available in C#, and we're working on offering the samples in VB.NET too.

Questions and Answers, Activities

For each chapter, you will find on this page questions and answers allowing you to review and consolidate your understanding of the chapter.

The page also proposes activities related to the chapter. This material will help you to "dig further" and deepen your knowledge of Silverlight 2.