Silverlight 2 Unleashed: Errata

We're only human...

We do our best to provide a great book as soon as possible after Silverlight 2 is released. In this effort, we work very closely with Microsoft to ensure that all the information we print is correct.

There were a few very last minute changes to the Silverlight 2 framework, after the book made it to the press already. This page lists the errata. If you find any error in the book, we're very grateful if you contact the author, so that the errata can be posted here. Thanks in advance!


  • P54 in the Note: "so you can skip step 4" is wrong. Step 4 must be executed in all cases.
  • P87: http to https is possible now, with clientaccesspolicy.xml. Check Tim Heuer's blog).
  • P120: Loading the XAP from the GalaSoft website directly doesn't work anymore in the release version of Silverlight. The rule of "same server of origin" now apply.
  • P157, Figure 9.2: "Web site" was renamed to "ASP.NET Web Site"
  • P355: When the FontFamily is defined in a Style, embedding the font with the Embed checkbox in the Properties panel doesn't work. This is a limitation of Blend that Microsoft will probably change in a future release. To solve this problem, use the Font Manager (Figure 17.7) to embed the glyphs you need explicitly.
  • P380, Listing 18.18: When dragging and dropping a DataGrid from the Visual Studio Toolbox, the XML namespace prefix used is "data" and not "my" anymore.
  • P383, "Setting the RowDetails": The XML namespace "dg" should be "data".
  • P384, Listing 18.20: The XML namespace "my" should be "data".
  • P384, Listing 18.20: The property "DisplayMemberBinding" is now named "Binding".
  • P385, Listing 18.21 and 18.22: The XML namespace "my" should be "data".
  • P385, Listing 18.22: The XML namespace "my1" should be "basics".
  • P499, Chapter 23, see Tim Heuer's blog for the latest news about cross domain policy file