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This year, I decided to speak less at conferences, after last year’s mad rush. As much as I love to speak in public and share knowledge, last year was a bit too much and I ended up in December really tired. So this year, I didn’t submit much and I will only have had a few speaking engagements, including the excellent Techorama in Belgium in the beginning of the year.

This makes me even happier and more excited to take part to Xamarin Evolve this year. Honestly, I think the last time I was so excited about public speaking was at the memorable and amazing MIX conferences. I heard so many good things about Evolve, and I am really happy to be part of it this year.


My session

With less conferences this year, I have been able to push some very important changes to MVVM Light, most importantly full Xamarin support. In the next few days I will be busy polishing this very important release, and you can expect very exciting demos at Evolve! So if you are attending, please join me on Wednesday, the 8th of October, at 16:00.

The topic of my session is
Building Cross-Platform Applications with Xamarin, Xamarin Forms and MVVM Light.

In this session, you will get an explanation of why the Model-View-ViewModel pattern is a good approach to building cross-platform applications, and how the MVVM Light Toolkit can help you to write better code faster. We will see the latest additions to the new MVVM Light, made especially for the Xamarin ecosystem. And we will also see an exciting demo showing how to share code in Windows Phone, Xamarin Android, Xamarin iOS and Xamarin Forms! We will talk about databinding and commanding (yes, in Xamarin too!), navigation and dialogs, and XAML on Android and iOS too!

So if you are at Evolve, please make time for this exciting session, and come join us! And please don’t hesitate to talk to me in the hallways, I will spend 3 whole days with you guys!


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